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The cloudiness or haziness of fluid is caused by large numbers of particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in the air.

Turbidity – The Key to Assessing Quality Water

Water quality standards are essential for everyone to understand because poor quality water can kill plants and even people and cause diseases if the water cannot be disinfected or filtered before being used by individuals or organizations such as hospitals and other institutions. Generally, most people do not know what turbidity means, and there are different definitions in many places for this term. The easiest way to explain turbidity is the mistiness or cloudiness of a liquid caused by too many tiny particles, which are usually invisible to the human eye. The measure of turbidity in water is an essential gauge of water quality.

The main focus of the turbidity procedure is to find out the presence of particulates of a microorganism or bacteria which are not amenable to physical removal by physical means. A large turbid sample is usually collected on the laboratory equipment known as a turbidity column. The sample is then passed through an ultrafilter to remove large suspended algae, bacteria, and fungi particles. The sample then exits to a second machine used to separate the turbid molecules into various color systems based on the light frequencies received by the columns.

On the other hand, the turbidity meter is used to determine the amount of particulate suspended in a water sample. The sample is first sent to the turbidity station, where an ultrafilter with a wide-band filter wheel is attached, and the water sample is passed through the center channel of the wheel where the light reflected by the sample can be observed. This procedure is usually repeated until a significant difference in the light reflected by the sample is found, generally indicating the presence of algae or microorganisms. If the difference is greater than 0.2%, the sample should be excluded from further consideration, and the turbidity content should be measured.