Law Term


A measure of land containing five yards and a half, or sixteen feet and a half in length ; otherwise called a “rod” or “pole.” Cowell. As a unit of solid measure, a perch of masonry or stone or brick work contains, ac- cording to some authorities and in some localities, sixteen and one-half cubic feet, but elsewhere, or according to others, twenty-flve. Unless defined by statute, it is a very indefinite term and must be explained by evidence. See Baldwin Quarry Co. v. Clements, 38 Ohio St 587; Harris v. Rutledge, 19 Iowa, 3S8, 87 Am. Dec. 441; Sullivan v. Richardson, 33 Fla. 1, 14 South. 692; Wood v. Vermont Cent R. Co., 24 Vt 60&